Five Steps to Faster Turn Times:

If you worked with appraisers ten years ago, you know how much technology has changed since then. What you might not realize is that there have been many developments in technology and e-commerce that have improved turnaround times on appraisal assignments. We're taking advantage of them. Are you taking advantage of every opportunity you have to speed up the process? Here are some suggestions.

1) Are you ordering appraisals online?
With online ordering, you get automatic e-mail acknowledgements that the assignment was received, and fast, secure .PDF format report delivery. It's the single biggest time saver available to both of us! We don't have to retype information from a fax, and you don't have to wonder whether we received the order.

2) Are you providing complete and accurate information about the subject property?
There's nothing like being “one” number off on the street address to add unnecessary time to an appraisal assignment. And if you have a subdivision name or anything else that uniquely identifies the property, please pass it along. We even welcome lists of recent sales in the area — though be advised that professional appraisers must always do their own due diligence on comparable sales, and ours might differ from yours.

3) Are you letting us know up front any details about the property that might make it unique?
Let us know ahead of time if the property is currently under renovations or is a new construction. Knowing this information before going to the property will make the appraisal process much smoother. The goal for everyone involved is to have fast service with the highest quality. Knowing any unique situations ahead of time will solve many issues that may arise along the way. Let us know up front when you order your appraisal if there are unique features of the home or surrounding area.

4) Are you making the occupants of the home aware of what to expect?
One of the most time consuming parts of the appraisal process is setting an appointment with the occupants of the home. Some homeowners are understandably uncomfortable with the fact that a stranger needs to walk through their home to take pictures and notes. This is, however, this is a major part of the loan process. Some think they have to make their home spotless before the appraiser comes by, thinking that will make the house appraise higher. Please let the occupants know this is not the case and DO NOT delay the appraisal inspection date. The important thing is have the appraisal inspection performed as soon as possible to expedite the process.

5) Are you using our website as a resource to keep track of your report's status?
Phone and fax “tag” are a thing of the past with up to the minute status updates available online, anytime, 24/7. Everyday there may be new notes in our system; you have access to those notes. You can call the office for a “user name” and “password” and very simply keep track of all of your appraisals all day everyday!

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